Djapo: look, think and do things differently to live well on a healthy planet

Djapo is an educational organization that aims to get children to conceive, and look at the world differently, so they can help build it themselves, by:

° teaching children to make conscious choices for a sustainable society
° helping children to become aware that there are choices to make and that we make them daily
° giving children the means to explore the options that are available, and those they can create themselves.
Djapo works on sustainability topics such as climate, water, waste, and fair trade, paying special attention to the North-South relationships.

Djapo supports teachers, schools, municipalities and communities, and is also active in teacher training. We offer educational materials, picture books, classroom workshops, after-school training, coaching and advice.

Systems thinking? Creative thinking? Philosophy? Action-oriented work?
Thinking skills such as systems thinking, creative thinking and the ability to philosophize are skills that help you look at the world from another perspective and think for yourself, to better understand it.
Djapo applies thinking skills to sustainability topics so that children can make better choices for a more sustainable world. With action-oriented work, they can shape the world. These skills can be applied to many subjects at school.

Systems thinking
I study the world
You can make better choices when you have a better insight into a situation and identify relations between the facts.
The world in which we live is a complex connection of various systems. At a glance, topics such as water waste or climate change are often difficult to understand. With systematic thinking, we study the topic and bring you up to date on how to identify the causes and consequences, as well as how the parts relate to a whole, and what the various perspectives are. As a ground plan, you take the problem apart and examine all the components and gears that form it. Afterwards, you zoom out in order to better understand the overall picture. By examining topics in depth and by gaining insight, you can make better choices for a more sustainable society

Creative thinking
I design the world in which I want to live
To make your own choices, you need options to choose from. Creative thinking techniques help you to think of other possibilities than the usual ones. They allow you to think outside the box and allow you to suddenly discover a new link between two elements, or discover contexts that you had not seen before. By constantly looking for new opportunities, you are more prepared to make your own informed choices for a sustainable world.

I give meaning to the world I want to live in
You can make better choices if you are aware of your own values, and question them. To philosophize is to view the world with astonishment while looking at it from a new
perspective and together giving meaning to the world. By philosophizing, you clarify your conception.
You are better equipped to make choices for a more sustainable world if you are aware of your own values because they give you direction. Philosophizing creates the space needed to explore your values, and to mirror those of others. By thinking, listening and speaking about them, you give them meaning: they help you choose the world you want to live in.

Action-oriented work
I work on the world in which I want to live in
Giving children the power to act on sustainability topics opens opportunities for them to take action and learn from such. Actions occur by incrementally examining sustainability topics, through the bond between man and nature. Action-oriented work is more than being able to perform and it is not normative. That is, in advance, it is not established that there is a problem that action is needed or what actions are possible. Our starting points are the freedom of choice and the child’s reflection process.

Water, nutrition, trade, footprint, climate, nature, commodities, air, energy, waste, migration

Sustainable development
Sustainable development means that we take care of the earth and humanity
The natural resources of the earth are the basis of what we humans need in order to live. Everyone, anywhere in the world, has an equal right to use natural resources to guarantee their livelihood. At the same time, natural resources are precious and future generations must be able to take full advantage of them. It is therefore essential to manage them in an equitable and sustainable manner, including in the commercial sector.

Thus, we strive for a world where every human being will have the right to live with dignity on a healthy planet.