DJAPO: Look, think and do things differently to live well on a healthy planet

Djapo is an educational organization that aims to get children to conceive, and look at the world differently, so they can help build it themselves, by:
° teaching children to make conscious choices for a sustainable society
° helping children to become aware that there are choices to make and that we make them daily
° giving children the means to explore the options that are available, and those they can create themselves.

Djapo works on sustainability topics such as climate, water, waste, and fair trade, paying special attention to the North-South relationships.
In a world in which we are increasingly confronted by complex challenges, ready-made solutions are not easily to hand. We don’t know what tomorrow’s world will look like. The ideas we come up with today may not be effective tomorrow. And the emergence of sustainability problems requires a constant stream of new answers. Which is why it is crucial to teach children and young people – the decision-makers of tomorrow – how to think for themselves and how to make the right choices.

What is Djapo doing?

Djapo wants to teach children and young people how to make choices for a more sustainable world. Which is why we focus on the thinking skills needed in philosophy, creative thinking, systems thinking and action-oriented work. By applying these skills to sustainability topics such as water, climate, trade and waste, we offer children and young people the opportunity to develop their ideas about how to live a good life on a healthy planet.
Skills: systems thinking, creative thinking, philosophy, action-oriented work

Teaching children and young people to make choices for a more sustainable world means teaching them to look, think and act in a different way. We achieve this using:

Systems thinking: I investigate the world
Creative thinking: I design the world in which I want to live
Philosophy: I give meaning to the world in which I want to live
Action-oriented work: I work on the world in which I want to live

Thinking is a process in which you always engage an earlier idea of yourself or of someone else. We find it important to make that process visible. This can be done by naming, schematizing or illustrating our thoughts. It is important that teachers help to make children’s thinking visible by careful observation and listening, and by asking specific questions.

Sustainability themes

We use sustainability themes to make sustainable development tangible for children and young people. Sustainability themes make children think both about the fact that natural resources are essential to man and about the way in which man uses the earth’s natural resources. These themes are both all-encompassing and yet not clearly defined: there are interconnections and overlaps, both within these topics and between the various themes.

How we do what we do?

Djapo supports teachers, schools, municipalities and communities, and is also active in teacher training. We offer educational materials, picture books, classroom workshops, after-school training, coaching and advice.

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