Creative thinking: I design the world

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Creative thinking supports children in designing the world in which they want to live: children discover and create their own choices.

Thinking differently
Creative thinking is coming up with ideas that are different and unusual. It is a departure from our normal ways of thinking. Through which we suddenly discover new connections, between two things or contexts, which we had not seen before. Creative thinking skills can help in this process.

What does it mean?
Creative thinkers have a lot of fun thinking.
Creative thinking tools make thinking more exciting than just another task from the teacher. Experience shows that children who otherwise score poorly to moderately are often very good creative thinkers. It can therefore also be a way to stimulate the potential of children and young people.
As with other thinking skills, it is also important in creative thinking to name, schematise or illustrate our thinking. After all, thinking is a process in which we respond to our own or others’ earlier thoughts or insights. The teacher helps to make the children’s thinking visible by observing and listening carefully and by asking specific questions.
‘You can make better choices after creatively searching for different possibilities.’

Creative thinking and sustainability
By thinking creatively, we can broaden our perspective on sustainability issues and look at these issues in different ways.
We could, for example, come up with ideas to convince parents to come to school by bike, or find a way to reduce school waste by 100 kg per year, or get involved in swishing.

Work forms from the report

work form Living Machine, primary school
work form Objects without frontiers, preschool education

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